Financial Independence For America's Service Members

Free Financial Education is being offered for Service Members, Veterans and their families at the Able Forces National Veterans Center in Washington DC.  Monthly Seminars begin 21 August 2012 from 10AM to Noon.  Click HERE to view the brochure for additional information.


Ride a Mile 4 for Able Forces - The Road To Recovery Motorcycle Ride!

Memorial Ride and Day of Recollection

18 May 2013, 9AM - 5PM at Grove's Harley Davidson in Winchester Virginia.  Stay tuned for additional details.


Able Forces Tribute To Friends, Family, and Patriots

My daugther Shawna Ryan put this tribute together and my good friend Sam Tate (former Country Songwriter of the Year) wrote the background music "Thanks To You".  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.  Click HERE to view the video.


Overdue Updates

WOW!  Been several months between updates.  Sorry about that but it's been very busy around Able Forces which is a VERY good thing.  Here's some quick updates with pictures to be included soon:

  1. Won a 62 FTE contract with Army ROTC Command and formed a 2nd company; Able Forces Professional Services (www.ableforce-ps.com), as our employee's didn't fit the profile of Able Forces.  In one year we've gone from 2 employee's to 78; 77 are are Veterans, many are Wounded Warriors.
  2. We're working with Miryana Navarro-Monzo, the woman behind Welcome Home Garden, and the Burpee Seed Company to provide Veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq with a very special Welcome Home Seed Packet.  Able Forces has already distributed over 1,000 packets that include carrot, radish, lettuce, squash, tomato and cucumber seeds, among other vegies. Seeds for zinnias and marigolds are also included in the packet.
  3. The National Veterans Center (www.nationalveteranscenter.org) is rocking.  Nicholas Anderson, my Director is doing an outstanding job bringing job preparation training to our Veterans.  We have our upcoming Open House on 10 May at the Center.  You're all more than welcome to join us between 6:30PM and 9:00PM.
  4. I'm leaving next week for Ft. Carson to be there when my nephew returns from Afghanistan.  I'll post pictures when I return.  in the meantime, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWOQ21v9ePQ&feature=youtu.be to view a tribute video my daughter Shawna created that includes Tony.


East Coast Tour - Day 3

Had an incredible visit at the Warrior Transition Command at Ft. Campbell yesterday.  Have met with my key Advocate several times before but she set up our meeting with the entire Cadre of Transition Support Staff for the entire Battalion. They are very excited about supporting our potential activity at Bluegrass Station and now the developing requirements for Help Desk support at Ft. Knox. They were also very interested in the model we've established at the National Training Center, and the training we will be providing. 

The Battalion has offered to provide a training center on base for Able Forces to set up a training center to support the Tranisiton Brigade FREE OF CHARGE.  They are introducing Able Forces to the ACAP (Army Career and Alumni Program) on base. The program has available funding and resources that could support Able Forces program offerings.  They have also iivited me to speak at the the upcoming March "Open House" which is a monthly "formation" for the entire transition Battalion (currently 570 WWs not including Cadre).  Spent a wonderful afternoon at the VA Medical Center Huntsville with the Advocates we work with, whom Ive met with several times in the past.  They're also very encouraged by the upcoming potential at Bluegrass and Ft. Knox, would like to assist us in setting up our training programs at the Medical Center.  This was just a really great visit.  Hung out with some Warriors waiting for appointments.  Met an old 1st Sgt. that started his career with a tour in Viet Nam and ended his career with a tour in Iraq.  Wonderful stories of the deployments in between.  Man, I love this stuff!!!

OK, its the weekend. Leaving tomorrow for Huntsville and Redstone Arsenal.