Able Forces Is Hitting The Road!

Skip and Kathy are so excited to be heading out on a week-long whirlwind tour or the East Coast.  As they travel through Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Geogia they'll be visiting Able Forces work sites, meeting with our donors, chatting with Able Forces employees, and speading the word about the great work Able Forces is doing.  Keep checking back over the next few days to read about their adventures. 


Able Forces Selected To Manage The National Veterans Center

Able Forces has been selected as the Managing Partner of the National Veterans Center in Washington DC.  Funded by a grant from the HSC Foundation and a part of the Foundation's National Youth Transitions Center, the National Veterans Center will occupy the 2nd story of a newly renvoated 7 story, $40 million Transitions Center.  The National Veterans Center will include a fully equipped training room that will have the flexibility to be configured in classroom style with desks and chairs, theater style with rows of chairs, and meeting style with a center table and chairs. Additionally, the Center will have a lounge area where veterans can informally meet to provide peer support and share networking opportunities.

During this first year, Able Forces fully expects to support several hundred veterans drawn from the DC Metro area seeking employment and who will benefit from our job preparation opportunities.  These young veterans will participate in a series of trainings and seminars that help them set goals, obtain necessary skills and enroll in college classes or obtain employment.  In particular, the Veterans Center will offer coursework, seminars, and training on (1)Employment Preparation, (2) Computer Operations, (3) Basic Software Usage, (4) Office Equipment, (5) Life Skills, (6) Getting into college, and (7) being a leader on campus.  The Student Veterans of America will assist Able Forces in it's college curricula preparation.


Able Forces Honored to Support Pinnacle 5

The Founders of Able Forces (Skip Rogers and Joe Cunningham) have been working with the former Sgt Major of the Army Jack Tilley (SMA) for the last 6 years and are members of the Board of Directors for his his non-profit organization; the American Freedom Foundation.   SMA Tilley has partnered with 4 recent Military branch NCO leaders like himself to form Pinnacle 5, a non-profit company focused on educating major corporations in their efforts to employ veterans.

They have produced a video that is being aired Nationally regarding their work and Able Forces is a featured non-profit organization highlighted in the video.  Able Forces is truly honored to be associated with these Military leaders.  Click  HERE to view the video.


10th Anniversary 9/11 Able Forces Ride A Mile Charity Event Video 

A huge THANK YOU to our friend Robert Swope, emmy-award winning Producer and President of Sunrise Entertainment for his filming and producing a video of our September 11th 10th Anniversary Charity Event.  Awesome job Robert!!  It was an incredible day with a focus on recognizing all those 1st Responders and Military personnel that have given so much to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy.  I hope you can take a moment and see this moving video of a day that we are so proud to have been apart of. 

 Click HERE to view the video.


Able Forces Interview: Channel 3 Winchester VA Talk of the Town

      Skip Rogers; Co-Founder and Executive Director of Able Forces was interviewed by Barry Lee, Host of Winchester VA's Talk of the town on 11 October 2011. Skip discussed the Mission of Able Forces, upcoming events, and their efforts to exand their Employment and Job Preparation Training efforts to now include the need for financial contributions and assistance for Crisis help.  This effort will enable Able Forces to provide limited financial assistance for food, transporation, and immediate crisis needs. 

To view the interview click HERE and select Episode 29. The interview is at 8:20 minutes of the program.